Diversity and CSR

HW Fisher believes in championing a truly diverse workforce, supporting our community and participating in local outreach, and leaving a positive legacy on the environment.

Equality and Diversity

As an employer and a service provider, HW Fisher is committed to promoting equality and diversity. We actively recruit, develop and promote a diverse group of employees, based on individual merit. We have created an inclusive environment where each person is valued. This part of our culture is a critical factor in our ability to provide a first-class service to our clients. We believe everyone should be treated fairly and with respect.

We are committed to an equality and diversity policy. In practice, this means that all job applicants are treated equally and fairly regardless of sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, being pregnant/being on maternity leave, religion or belief and that our sole consideration is the applicant’s ability to perform the job. Similarly, all staff are provided with equal opportunities for training and promotion, which are based on the individual’s own merits. Our policy covers all employees, officers, consultants, volunteers, interns, casual workers and agency workers of HW Fisher

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Equality Act 2010, we also endorse the Code of Practice for employers. The Code is not restricted to what is required by law, but contains recommendations intended to ensure that no individuals are placed at a disadvantage because of sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, race, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, being pregnant/being on maternity leave, religion or belief.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse organisation. We believe the workplace should be one that is free of discrimination and prejudice. We believe everyone is, and should be, treated fairly and with respect. We believe that this diversity makes a positive contribution to the success and vigour of HW Fisher

“We are committed to effecting change at HW Fisher and ensuring that all employees have the same opportunities. As a business, we celebrate talent and enjoy working with our staff collaboratively to ensure that they reach their full potential. We believe in fairness and equity and recognise the benefits diversity brings to an organisation”

  • Russell Nathan, Senior Partner

We do not tolerate any breach of our policy, which will be a disciplinary offence and may be considered gross misconduct.

All staff are required to complete online equality and diversity training.

We are members of the WealthiHer Network, a strong network of firms and businesses championing female investors, entrepreneurs and clients. We stand alongside the network’s values and are proud to be part of their mission to drive the economic advancement and empowerment of women on a global scale.

“At HW Fisher, we will continually forge the positive visibility of women. We will do this not only by celebrating their achievements and contributions, but also by educating the leaders of our organisation, whether men or women to understand how inequality works, with the aim of making the firm more inclusive and defining more closely what standard is expected. Women undoubtedly play an equal part in making an organisation successful, and we are delighted to be appointing and promoting more partners which will strengthen our leadership. By making the firm an equal workplace, this will benefit the firm immeasurably.”

  • Andrew Rich, Managing Partner

Corporate Social Responsibility

Talent is important at HW Fisher. Attracting ambitious people who are always seeking to raise the bar is what makes our client service great. We provide opportunities for our teams to grow their careers as far as their ambition. We run an established apprenticeship scheme for school leavers, offering full support with on-the-job training and academic study support towards the AAT qualification.

We are committed to supporting the local community through charitable activities. A charity is chosen on an annual basis by the staff, where by fund raising activities are held, such as quiz nights, sponsored walks, raffles and bake sales. Our staff also volunteer their services, being part of creating a lasting change to the charities.

In the last three years the charities we have supported:

  • Havens House Hospice
  • The Junction Community Trust
  • Papyrus: Prevention of Young Suicide

What our HW Fisher volunteers have to say about The Junctions Community Trust’s Spear Programme:

“It was a really fulfilling opportunity; giving me time to think about how resilience and opportunity has factored into my career, and then to be able to share those learnings and experiences to give them reassurance and hope. I was also invited back to the cohorts ‘graduation’ where I saw first-hand how far they had come in turning their lives around and implementing what they’d learnt, with the programme giving them the confidence to move forward in a positive way.”

  • Louise Hughes, Senior Marketing Manager, Not for Profit

“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to volunteer with the Junction Community Trust – Spear Programme, which is the Firm’s nominated charity for this year. I have taken part in two interview sessions, helping young people practice their interview skills and provide vital feedback to help them improve in this area. It was truly eye opening to see how Covid is affecting the younger generation and their concerns around finding employment. I found the experience extremely rewarding and it was a pleasure to give up some of my time to help and support these individuals reach their goals.”

  • Tamara Howe, Senior Manager, Financial Crime Prevention


In 2010 HW Fisher set up a sustainability division to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint. We believed then, and even more resolutely now, that sustainable businesses are better businesses. While our clients were ready for the conversation, a lack of government legislation hampered change. Nearly a decade on, the world is a very different place.

We work with large corporates, SMEs and individuals, across a wide range of sectors, and the issue is relevant to all of them. Whether it’s carbon audit legislation, sustainable cost accounting or more macro issues, we want to remain at the heart of the debate.

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