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Business Consulting

The pandemic meant that many organisations had to put their strategic plans to one side to enable them to put in place emergency response plans to survive. Now that we find ourselves re-emerging into a new world including the adoption of new ways of working, it is now more important than ever to reflect on what the pandemic has meant for your organisation, and to take the positives steps to develop your new strategic plan building on lessons learnt and the changing circumstances.

What we do

At HW Fisher LLP, our Not for Profit and Consulting teams have worked together to create an exceptional Business Planning workshop for senior leadership teams of Not for Profit organisations to help them work through their strategies to create a future proof vision, reflecting on learnings from the last 18 months. It helps teams reflect and think differently to reinvent their strategy, and to capture it all in a One Page Business Plan which can then be shared across the organisation – literally bringing everyone together ‘on the same page’. In addition, to ensure that you are supported after the workshop, our accredited coaches and senior consultants will be on hand for your senior leaders to help them be the best in class. This can range from formal coaching sessions to informal discussions.


The past year has impressed on us that great leadership is now more important than ever. In addition to traditional leadership competencies, we know from conversations with CEOs and other senior leaders, they now need to develop resilience, to cope with ambiguity and to be optimistic in the face of adversity. People need from their leaders clarity of communication, purpose, empathy, long-term thinking and decisive action. Leaders tell us it’s lonely and frustrating at the top. Without a business coach, many leaders find themselves hitting the ceiling of what they can achieve.

At HW Fisher we support CEOs, FDs and other senior leaders to recognise their strengths. We also hold up a mirror so they can see the areas they need to develop and grow as individuals. Using tried and tested accredited business coaching techniques, we can enable you to:

  • Clarify your goals and set out action plans for their accomplishment
  • Keep your momentum going and hold you accountable
  • See and believe in your own potential and heighten your self-awareness
  • Step out of your comfort zone because that’s where learning and growth begins
  • Listen to and reflect on our unbiased feedback
  • Feel supported

“The last 30 mins of my first coaching session were the most beneficial 30 mins I think I will ever have in a working environment.” 


Confidential Contracted Coaching

Our initial package of six sessions with an accredited coach will mean this will enable us to have the necessary time to explore what’s important to you and what you feel you need support with. We will work with you to help you navigate the next few years following what has been a very challenging time in a business environment. This coaching relationship can be extended beyond six sessions depending on your needs.

Strategy & Execution

We know how to ask the right questions about the direction you’re heading and the opportunities you should be discussing. This can be a daunting process and the answers are often hard to find. We make the process enjoyable by breaking it down step by step. Coaches ask clear questions, listen profoundly and reflect back what they hear. This process enables insight and learning for leaders. Looking ahead longer term can be daunting, especially if the next few months are unclear never mind the next few years. Our consultants and accredited coaches create a supportive environment to enable leaders to take a step by step approach to finding their own solutions.

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