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Forensic Accounting

Welcome to HW Fisher Forensic, where the core skills of forensic accounting are employed to service our clients in several ways and across specific industries. What are these core skills?

  • The ability to deeply analyse financial documentation, understand the implications of this analysis and follow all lines of enquiry to their logical conclusion
  • Being able to discover the unknown from the known – finding data that is missing, rather than simply confirming what is presented
  • All our work, both our words and our supporting financial analysis, is performed to meet the highest level of scrutiny, namely cross-examination in a court of law

As well as training our experienced and talented team of forensic accountants in these core skills, we have developed advanced large data analysis techniques, enabling us to manipulate, dissect and interpret millions of lines of information, thus increasing the speed, scale and accuracy of our work.

We harness this powerful combination of forensic accounting and advanced data analytics to provide the following services to our clients:

Royalty Auditing

We perform audits of licensees, right users and franchisees, literally across the world, to ensure they have reported royalties accurately and completely to our clients and complied with their agreements. These audits are highly successful in generating substantial amounts of additional income for our clients.

Contract Compliance

We perform tailored reviews of client’s suppliers, distributors and joint venture partners to provide assurance that third parties have adhered to their contractual agreements and that our clients receive full value from these relationships. We are expert in identifying any areas of supplier non-compliance, recovering lost profits stemming from billing errors and material over-charging, as well as highlighting opportunities for process and contractual improvement.

Traditional Forensic Accounting

We are instructed to prepare Expert Witness reports for legal proceedings, both civil and criminal. This can vary from assessing the quantum of damages resulting from a breach of contract to the valuation of a business as part of a legal dispute, to tracing transactions through a labyrinth of bank statements in a fraud case.

Whilst cost and royalties recoveries for our clients are inevitably a feature of our work, our detailed approach and business sense invariably allows us to propose enhancements to our clients’ approach to contracting and thus delivering additional value.

We work across a number of different industries but have developed a particular specialism in:

Character Merchandising
Book Publishing

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