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Why HW Fisher?

We understand the music industry; the rights, the different deal structures, the multitude of different exploitation sources, royalty flows, how they are all inter-related and where this can go wrong.

Knowing what to look for and how to find it is critical. A successful royalty audit is dependent on hiring a firm with this knowledge.

Our dedicated music royalty audit team has hands on experience working within the music industry. We carry out royalty audits on behalf of some very high-profile legendary recording artists and songwriters who have substantial catalogues with worldwide audit rights. We also work with a diverse mix of artists and songwriters signed by majors or independents alongside record labels and music publishers for distribution, sub-publishing and licensing agreements.

With the rapid transformation from physical to digital, music royalty audit work requires the interrogation, analysis and reconciliation of huge data sets. Our team have the technical ability, knowledge and expertise to handle this with ease.

Music Royalty Auditing

A music royalty audit gives you assurance that you have received the correct amount of royalty income. It can also assist in future renegotiations, giving you an understanding of how the related party actually operates, and can address any contractual misunderstandings or interpretation issues that may have arisen.

Different types of agreements can present their own unique types of issues; we are experts in unravelling these for you.

You may be worried that your agreement is outdated and concerned as to how digital exploitation is being accounted for, or whether you’re actually receiving royalties in respect of all your masters or compositions (and from all expected income sources).

Whether you are a current active artist with a hive of activity within your royalty account or a heritage act, a music royalty audit finds the errors, issues and missed revenue.

Catalogue Valuations and Royalty Due Diligence

The music acquisition market is booming, and we have substantial expertise in undertaking multi-million-pound music catalogue valuations and related royalty due diligence services. Acting for the buyer or the seller we can assist in helping you with this process.

We can prepare the data and sales pack for any potential sale, also providing you with a guide as to the potential value of your assets. For any buyer, we can undertake a thorough financial review and provide you with an independent valuation prior to any prospective purchase.

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