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CFO Services

Getting the right financial guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle that complements your entrepreneurial drive is essential.

A part-time CFO is an agile solution that brings a valuable, independent perspective to growing businesses. It’s also a beneficial option if your business is seasonal and requires specific advice at different times of the year.

We are a relationship-driven team and will work with you to identify your needs and tailor our services to suit you. Whether it is a specific project or a more regular assignment, our experienced part-time CFOs will develop the best solution.

Board support and coaching

Educating non-financial management and guiding them clearly through the numbers.

Streamlining processes and implementing internal controls

A part-time CFO comes with experience of using multiple systems. We can assess and implement new systems, providing cost-savings and long-term benefits.

Implementing succinct and comprehensive board reporting

Obtaining financial clarity is an issue for many businesses. We’ll review, recommend and build suitable reporting to identify industry-specific performance metrics.

Strategic funding

As your business grows, your long-term financial needs change. An experienced CFO can help with preparing suitable financial reporting and provide strategic support to your management.

Working capital management and cash flow planning

Every now and again, companies experience cash flow pressures. This is an issue our experienced CFOs have dealt with regularly. We can help with immediate remedial action and putting in suitable controls for future prevention.

Corporate health checks

Many businesses need to realign themselves at key stages in their growth. We can provide the expertise and experience to facilitate this smoothly.

Assisting the recruitment, assessment and coaching of finance teams

On longer term assignments, part-time CFOs can help with managing the current team and with recruitment as the scope of the business grows.

Stakeholder management

The independence and experience of our part-time CFOs means they’re well-placed to provide the support and assistance in dealing with external stakeholders.

Change management

Whether this is within the finance department, or your business as a whole, a part-time CFO comes with knowledge and experience of other organisations, and can provide immediate efficiencies.

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