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Becoming an Author


“Elegant advances aren’t much use on a day-to-day basis; they won’t keep you alive until you sell the books” - Hilary Boyd


“Between books and technology, there has been a marriage and I think the marriage will last” - Paul Doherty


“The reader that I have in mind when I’m writing is only one person, and that’s myself” - Victoria Hislop


“The hardest part of the writing process is not giving up” - Gavin Esler


“There isn’t a writer on the planet who doesn’t need editing” - Mark Billingham

Joe Abercrombie

We sat down with Joe Abercrombie, British fantasy writer and film editor, to hear how he came to write his first novel, the challenges he’s faced and the best piece of advice he’s ever received…

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“ We are passionate about the publishing industry and helping authors to succeed, whether they be on their first or 100th novel. I hope by sharing the stories of those who have published novels, from what first inspired them, to the biggest challenges they’ve faced that it inspires others to take that first step towards writing their first book ”

Andrew Subramaniam Partner - Accounts
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