14th May 2021A Day in the Life of Caitlin Dolan, Trainee Tax Adviser at HW Fisher

What does a day in the life of a trainee tax adviser look like? Caitlin Dolan is a trainee in our Private Client department and gives us the lowdown on a typical work day, from what she does to start and finish her day to how she stays up to date with finance and tax news.


How did you get into accounting?

I had some accounting knowledge from my degree and landed a job as a university placement student here at HW Fisher under the Tax/Audit role. I realised how much I enjoyed it and came back when I finished my degree!


What’s the first thing you do to start your day?

Most mornings, I’ll make a coffee and run through all my unread emails. I will then make a list of tasks and assign a level of priority to each one.


What is your most important task of the day?

The most important task of the day is checking that any emails from clients are being dealt with as quickly as possible.


What kind of clients do you work with?

I work with a wide range of private clients including UHNW and HNW individuals, musicians, solicitors, TV celebrities, doctors and politicians. I also assist with several clients seeking Inheritance Tax Advice.


What’s the last thing you do before finishing work for the day?

Before I log off, I check that I am up to date with all of my tasks for the day. If anything hasn’t been completed, it’s at the top of the list for the next day!


How do you keep up to date with finance industry news?

We have regular “Tax Updates” that are sent round the department, and this is one way that I keep up to date. I also listen to podcasts whenever I can – usually when I am out for a walk or at the gym.


What do you enjoy most about working in accounting?

I have always enjoyed the problem solving aspect to the job – it’s really rewarding to help people simplify their problems too. I am constantly learning and no day is the same!


What do you like best about working at HW Fisher?

The people that work here really make it a special place to work. I have a great relationship with my managers and the other trainees.


What are the biggest changes since working from home?

My daily commute used to be an hour door to door. Since working from home, I now have this extra time to focus on my studies.


When not at work, what do you like to do?

I love visiting new places with friends – different countries or even just new restaurants or bars in London. I also like to get to the gym regularly and enjoy going to see live music!


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