27th May 2016Fisher Performance Improvement: Our new expert consultancy service for SMEs

Whether you want to grow your business or manage cashflow more effectively, our experience and contacts mean we can offer expert help whatever the challenges you’re facing.

…you can make long-term improvements without draining current resources.

We’ll invest our time and resources to provide strategic advice to reinvigorate your business. And as we only get paid when you realise financial benefits, you can make long-term improvements without draining current resources.

Fisher Performance Improvement is aimed at businesses that are:

  • Ready for growth and keen to move to the next level
  • Steady but could be improved
  • Stagnating and needing reinvigoration
  • Struggling with cashflow

What makes us different?

We work closely with managers to develop ongoing relationships. We act as an additional member of your team and focus on taking your business to the next level. We bring the experience and contacts of a top 30 accountancy practice, providing consultancy services that for years have been restricted to large companies.

What’s involved?

We start by conducting an initial performance review. We listen to management, discussing any problems they are facing, and drill down to really understand the business. Our aim is to assist you in defining your objectives and assessing where you are now in the pursuit of your goals.

We examine certain areas, reviewing your business culture, market presence and direction. What’s happening in the industry? Who is your competition?

We provide an overview of marketing, financing and product analysis. For example, are you selling your products and services as well as you could be? How is the company being financed and is a new finance provider required? Are there new markets that you should explore?

We assess what changes may be required and – equally importantly – the barriers to change.

We can also review the working capital cycle of your business and identify where cash can be freed up to generate greater returns.

We assess what changes may be required and – equally importantly – the barriers to change. Finally, we devise a plan with management to implement the strategy – and give you the necessary help with longer-term decisions.

As part of this service, we also offer specialist solutions to difficult problems and assist with access to high street, mid-tier and alternative lending markets, together with private equity.

Big company performance at SME prices

We understand that as a SME owner manager, your resources and time can be limited. So, the only upfront charge is for the initial performance review. After that, we agree a fee that is paid out of the financial benefit that your company makes. This could be a percentage of the finance obtained or of the working capital released. We can also offset these fees against your performance review, with a view to the fee essentially paying for itself. We only benefit financially if you do, making it an accessible way for you to make long-term improvements to your business.

John Buchanan, Performance Senior Manager
T 020 7874 7954
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