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Mark Reveley


I am a partner in HW Fisher Forensic, the firm’s forensic accounting department, with a focus on third party audit rights.

I joined the department in 2011, when we specialised in licensing royalty audits and during this time I had the opportunity to travel the world visiting a diverse range of Licensees, across various different industries, on behalf of their Licensors. I worked to understand how their business and industry operate and how they utilise the Licensor’s intellectual property to create value for both parties. I gained a reputation for being able to handle particularly complex contractual arrangements and those that required significant data analysis.

I now apply these same forensic skills across a broad range of disciplines where ‘audit rights’ exist, including contract compliance, JVs and supplier audits. The audit of Licensing agreements is still core to what we do and we are proud that our prestigious and long standing clients continue to depend on us to deliver exceptional results and relevant commercial insights. Our areas of expertise include a wide range of industries including Consumer Products, Pharmaceutical, Interactive Media, Fashion, TV, Music, Publishing and Technology.

Although our licensing and contract compliance programmes have a track record of generating a significant return on investment, our approach is non-adversarial and we understand that the true value of the commercial relationship is enhanced when all parties have had the opportunity to consider how the agreements are implemented in practice.

Alongside my licensing and contract compliance work, I also keep up-to-date with the traditional forensic accounting practice and regularly carry out forensic work within the department, particularly in areas concerning quantum of loss or extensive data analysis. I have represented both companies and individuals who have suffered loss through a wide range of circumstances, for example, from the mis-selling of complex financial products to losses sustained as a result of personal injury.




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