29th January 2021

Business Interruption Insurance: what does the Supreme Court’s judgment mean for businesses?

The landmark Business Interruption Insurance court case came to an end this month as the Supreme Court ruled in favour of small businesses forced to…

24th September 2020

Can licence agreements in the gaming industry hold water?

Digital transformation in the gaming industry has only been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic, with the global video game market now forecast to be worth…

24th September 2020

Untangling royalties in the gaming industry

Licensing and royalties in the gaming industry are complex, particularly with the accelerating trend towards digital gameplay and the rise of new platforms for distributing…

15th September 2020

High Court – Business Interruption Insurance – businesses must now pay attention

Commenting on the decision made by the High Court today on the landmark Business Interruption Insurance case, Rafi Saville, forensic partner at accountancy firm HW…

26th August 2020

Q&A: All you need to know about the Business Interruption Insurance court case

Nearly 400,000 small businesses are waiting to see if insurers will be forced to pay out on their business interruption policies after a landmark High…

31st July 2020

Business Interruption Insurance – why businesses should follow the High Court case closely

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented financial challenges for businesses across the UK. For those in the hospitality and leisure industry, many have had…

9th May 2019

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4th February 2021

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