20th May 2024

Overseas landlords and the VAT Domestic Reverse Charge

The Domestic Reverse Charge (DRC) for VAT on construction services came into effect in the UK on March 1st, 2021. In this article, Mike Block,…

5th July 2022

Charity VAT Alert: Update to business v’s non business activities for VAT purposes

On 1 June 2022, HMRC published Revenue and Customs Brief 10 (2022) outlining their change of policy when determining whether an activity is a business…

20th April 2022

VAT Update from HW Fisher

Gerry Myton and Mike Block explain the latest updates and rulings affecting VAT.  Read more on the latest news from HMRC, key takeaways from recent…

26th July 2021

Gerry Myton

24th August 2020

Reverse charge VAT on construction services

The new VAT reverse charge for construction services comes into force on 1st March 2021.  It applies to certain supplies of construction services by construction…

1st May 2019

Andy Levett

1st May 2019

Vivien Phung

1st May 2019

Mitul Rajani

1st May 2019

Mike Block

1st May 2019

Mark Taylor

1st May 2019

Kamal Shah

24th April 2019

Ajay Jassal

VAT Services - Legistlation, Liabilities, Assesments - HW Fisher

18th April 2019